Copy & Content Writing

Copy and content writing are business activities aimed to help you accomplish your business objectives. These business objectives tie back to the sales, marketing, or publicity funnels. Regardless of the format, the goal is simple: to increase sales, awareness, and interest.

Before going further, let’s just get things clear. While copywriting and content writing are similar, they are different from one another.

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take some form of action, such as make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation.

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Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit.

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As a copy and content writer, my goal is to help small businesses & professionals increase their visibility & assert credibility through informative & non-manipulative content. This goal is reflected in the philosophy behind Advert Writer (link).

Here are some copywriting and content writing projects which I currently take on. If you need something more customised or would like to discuss packages, click on one of the buttons below to immediately get in touch with me.

Annual Report

Each year businesses and associations issue annual reports for their members or stakeholders. It recaps the activities and finances of the past year. While the auditors draw up the audited report, other parts of the report are drawn up by corporate writers.

Booklets, Brochures, & Catalogues

Booklets, brochures, and catalogues serve various purposes: to inform, encourage leads, or sell. Some are stand-alone. Some come together with a pack. Others are conversation starters.

Case Studies

A case study helps explain how your product, service, or solution helped a past client with their pain points. The goal is to persuade prospects to select your organisation. Besides being marketing collateral, it can serve as social proof.

Emails & eNewsletters

Email now complements regular mail. Many of us access our emails on our phone. Done right, it supports your marketing and publicity campaigns. Newsletters form part of a company’s or organisation’s marketing communications. Unlike emails, these are less regular – normally quarterly.

Public Relations Writing

Public relations writing is a broader scope. Some components include components of the press kit, press releases, pitch emails, speeches, and backgrounders. Unlike marketing collaterals, the goal of PR writing is meant to aid publicity instead of selling.

Website Content & Articles

Websites are becoming a staple digital asset for businesses and organisations. Some are starts the website from scratch; others have it re-written because of a revamp. Besides the static content, some websites have articles and blog entries to enrich the content for users and search engines.

White Paper Copywriting

White papers are typically 4 to 10 pages marketing a product, service, process or idea by educating your potential buyers about what you’re offering with valuable and credible information. Good marketing white papers educate your readers on what the problem is, why the problem matters, and why an approach addresses the problem better than the status quo.

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