Category: Law of Torts

The Law of Torts covers various civil wrong.

In Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), it is offered across two semesters as part of the Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons.) – LW213 programme. From October 2020, Aldric Tinker Toyad is enrolled in the Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons.) programme. This article is part of the learning experience and does not constitute legal advice, nor does it negate the requirement for further research and consultation with licenced practitioners. In addition to that, the opinions herein are Aldric’s own which do not represent clients, employers, or institutions associated or affiliated with him.


Defamation’s Basic Elements

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Defamation – The Beginning of a Series

“Lawyering isn’t about fighting fair, and you’d better watch your false accusations, or I might just sue you for defamation.”…


Non-Delegable Duty of Care Doctrine: A Brief Introduction

In an unwritten manner, the law of torts prescribes how we relate and interact with one another. Unlike contracts law,…