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  1. Record my opinions and thoughts on marketing, communications, developments in various sectors and industries, trends, the general economy, business management, and other topics related to my expertise;
  2. Share case studies, findings, lessons, insights, observations, and predictions based on information and data available at the time of writing (“material time”);
  3. Serve as a working executive portfolio documenting different phases of my professional life;
  4. Open opportunities for collaboration, personal career and professional growth in Malaysia, ASEAN, or the Asia Pacific region; and
  5. Inspire, explain, or encourage investigation for different audiences about jargon and technical concepts to help them better understand strategies, tactics, techniques, technology, concepts, and ideas that could be implemented in their own organisation or setting.

Professional, but Personal Opinion

With that said, while this personal website presents my professional perspective. My views and opinions here are entirely mine. They do not represent that of my employers, colleagues, associates, and clients – past, present, or future.

In preparing the content here, I will do my best in ensuring the accuracy of the information at the time of writing and publishing. Over time some information may become inaccurate because of many reasons including, but not limited to, the change of consumer behaviour, advances in technology, as well as changes in government policies and regulations.

Therefore, all recommendations are made without guarantee on my part. I do not accept responsibility in respect of any information or advice given in relation to or as a consequence of anything contained herein.

It is imperative that you seek tailored professional advice that caters to your situation, requirements, needs, and risk appetite.


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I do not accept responsibility in respect of any information or advice given in relation to or as a consequence of anything contained in such websites, content, or materials.

World Wide Web

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