Digital Assets Monthly Report: January 2021

In this Digital Assets Monthly Report, you’ll find that January 2021 had mixed results.

January was a tremendously busy month with the assignments, presentations, and final exams preparations. I enrolled in Universiti Teknologi MARA’s Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) – LW213 programme last October. As a ‘setara sepenuh masa’ programme, the course load was equivalent to a full-time student.

Changed Video Creation Format

I moved from Facebook as my primary social media platform to YouTube because I reckon it was easier to screen record my whiteboard app while I narrate my thoughts. I found this to be a faster method to create content for me. Having a Huion Graphics Tablet H420 also helped me.

Writing felt more natural and conversational.

My editing time also got eliminated. Yes, I have a lavalier mic that connected to my iPhone 6s Plus. It still captured the background noise.

Writing on the in-built Whiteboard app also meant that I get to use my Audio-technica ATR2500-USB which I bought around the same time as I did my phone. That was back in 2016. Rather than gathering dust, the microphone now serves a function after I abandoned my Udemy course creation dream.

Social Media Overview

Instagram wasn’t the best performing social media asset. In January, I did not publish any posts in the 31-day period. That’s why the performance was not up to par. Instagram’s statistics is timebound. Unlike other social platforms, you need to capture the numbers no later than 30 days.

My YouTube Channel, on the other hand, seemed to perform quite well with tremendous activities and improvements in matrices. In January, I uploaded four videos to the channel. Activities on the channel definitely help push the impression and the watch time (among others). The sudden surge could also contribute to the decline in impressions CTR which fell to 4.8%.


January wasn’t my best month. There were lessons to be learnt.

Among these is to create content in which I can share what I learnt with other small business owners, freelancers, and professionals. I enjoy making videos. It’s fast to do. It captures intonation. I can talk naturally. More importantly it gets others to recognise my voice.

With so much text-based communication (e.g., emails, WhatsApp, Telegram), a lot of non-verbal communication cues are lost. The risk of misunderstanding is greater.

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Author: Aldric

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