Looking Back at April 2022

Note: This April 2022 reflection was first published on my personal Facebook profile on 5 May 2022.

Looking back at #April2022, I am glad to share some professional accomplishments:


A publicly listed construction company engaged me in mid-April to draft their MDA. This was my first time producing something for a company’s 2021 annual report. It put my desktop research and business writing skills to the test. The task encompassed examining the events affecting the construction industry and the Malaysian economy in the past year. It also required me to examine the prospects of 2022 as events unravel.

The project was completed last week with the final invoice delivered on Friday (29 April).


On April 26, I was responsible to disseminate and oversee the follow up of my first ever regional PR dissemination. The release was spearheaded by my colleagues in Modalku. It was disseminated to selected business media titles in markets in which we operate: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

On my end, I needed to ensure that the release was localised, translated, vetted by Management, and approved by Compliance before disseminating them. After dissemination, there was the follow-up portion. I followed up on some personally. In others, the intern assisted me.

As my first press release dissemination exercise, I managed to secure coverage in media titles like Harian Metro, New Straits Times, and Digital News Asia (among others).


Internal communication is a new field for me. In Funding Societies, I was privileged to coordinate and work with regional and Malaysian colleagues in ensuring the successful delivery of our Regional Townhall. Divided into two parts, the first part brought our colleagues from across Southeast Asia and South Asia together. Upon the conclusion of the regional town hall, we moved to the country breakout room.

It was an interesting challenge. Before the town hall, I was chasing our department heads and leads for their updates. During the town hall, I was the timekeeper where I (once again) ‘harassed’ the same HoDs and leads to ensure they stick to their time. While doing that, I was projecting the slides and was responsible for the transition.


While I was in the agency, PR drops were predominantly handled by the vendors. At Funding Societies, I was able to roll up my sleeves and drive the project from start to finish with the guidance of my Regional Manager. This included the identification of the media, vendor sourcing, Raya Hampers selection, coordinating the Raya Hampers delivery, as well as delivering the hampers to two broadcasting media titles. The media drop was done on Monday (25 April), Wednesday (27 April), and Thursday (28 April).

Of course, there are other things which I have not included in this list with regards to my other portfolio: content development. 🙂 It will be released upon publication.

I would like to look back in the coming years on how April 2022 was an amazing month for me as a self-taught content writer and as a PR professional.

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