Digital Assets Monthly Report: November 2020

Digital Assets Monthly Report: November 2020

After putting this off for quite a while, I sat down and compiled my first Digital Assets Monthly Report for This simple 10-page report consolidates analytics dashboards from different platforms:

  • Facebook Page Manager
  • Instagram Insight
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress Dashboard

Summary of Findings


My Instagram profile ( is the best performing digital asset. It currently has 1,537 followers. The three November posts cumulatively recorded 816 reach, 905 impressions, and 64 post likes.


My Facebook Page ( comes in next. The page has only 257 followers – mostly my friends on Facebook. I published four posts there which recorded 149 reach and 5 engagements.


My website, (Link), is the least performing digital asset with virtually no visitor. Despite being almost 18 months old, the lack of content contributes to this. In fact, this post would be the 11th published post on this website. It’s not a surprise that search engines neglected it. Besides that, the site’s XML has never been submitted until a couple of days ago. With the lack of content, the single visit – probably from me – is not a surprise.

Corrective Actions for December 2020


Instagram’s corrective action is simple: increase the number of uploads. It could be timeline content or Insta-stories. When I do that, I need to ensure that the photo shows the story more than the description. Instagram’s nature is to focus on the video or visual content more than the description. Hashtags are useful. It helps categorise the content uploaded.

A possible target is to double the December posts: uploading six photos and videos by December 31st.


Similar to Instagram, I also need to increase the posts on Facebook Page. Facebook Page offers more flexibility. Unlike Instagram, I am not limited by format. In terms of visual, I’m able to sync my Instagram posts to my Facebook Page. It’s something I’ve done for a while now. I may need to consider sharing other content as well like articles and thoughts (i.e. status).

In November, I published 4 posts. Why not for December I aim for 8 posts?


Website is where it gets tricky. Unlike my social media assets, the website should have its own identity. Bear in mind that I have three websites:

  • – Professional site which focuses on personal finance, business/entrepreneurship, content marketing & digital marketing, and my journey as a law student;
  • – Personal blog which contains my banter about anything other than the above; and
  • – Copywriting website for promotions, case studies, insights, and other matters related to marketing, public relations, and communications in general.

Duplicating content would be a bad idea – especially where search engine rankings and search engine optimisation is concerned.

Unlike social media, my website needs a bit more effort and coordination. Especially when it serves as the content hub and portfolio of sorts. Furthermore, my objective for this website is to help me secure jobs and contracts by showcasing experience, thoughts, and insights as well as serving as a portfolio for different works – like this digital assets monthly report.

Permit me to sidetrack. I have a goal of serving 2 to 5 retainer clients for digital marketing and content consulting. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) signed with my previous employers and clients prevent me from sharing what I know explicitly and directly. On the other hand, I also have these assets which I can use as a personal case study to demonstrate my familiarity with digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content marketing as well as hone my writing skills and record my learnings when it comes to the law, personal finance (e.g. investing, unit trust, insurance), as well as business management and entrepreneurship.

So what is my target for December? Since I published two posts already (including this November 2020 digital assets monthly report), I already doubled my effort compared to last month. Perhaps I should aim for 4 posts in December?

Non-Exhaustive Improvements

While merely doubling the posts seem aimless, it is a form of incorporating improvements. This is by no means the only way to improve.

I have to acknowledge that I am a one-man-show. I don’t have teams around me to share my burden. Thus, I could not take on more than I can handle – a painful lesson I learnt in April.

If it was work-related, I would have other recommendations: focus on an area or topic and expand the content within that, create themes or content pillars and roll out accordingly, develop 30 posts (which I have done) and schedule them accordingly on a daily basis.

Returning to my capabilities, I wouldn’t be able to undertake these ambitious projects with my current limitations. Thus, I have to be content with merely doubling my current efforts.

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