Digital Assets Monthly Report: December 2020

Guided by your business model, your digital assets serve a business function or more. Often many businesses jump onto the social media and digital marketing bandwagon without really thinking that through. In the end, the guiding principle is based on hunches and randomness. Using the digital assets monthly report to minimise randomness would be a good way for you to steer out of randomness as well as identify trends and patterns unique to your business.

Sharing this report out, albeit a bit late, is meant to show how your dashboards can yield interesting insights. Each month, you will notice some changes or adaptation to this report. My previous report (Digital Assets Report: November 2020) was only 10 pages long. This digital assets monthly report for December is 15 pages long and included YouTube.

However, you are more than welcomed to adapt this report for your organisation. (In fact, I will replicate this when working with digital marketing and content strategy clients).

The assets covered in this report are:

  • Facebook Page Manager
  • Instagram Insight
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress Dashboard (Yoast SEO)

Summary of Findings in the Digital Assets Monthly Report

Facebook Monthly Report –

Facebook recorded an increase of one new page follower in the month of December. As of December 31st, 258 accounts followed the Aldric Tinker Toyad Facebook Page. It was generally active with 17 new posts in December. These posts contributed to 445 reach and 37 post engagements.

Instagram Monthly Report –

Instagram saw an increase of 44 new followers in December 2020. Only three posts were uploaded to the visual social networking site owned by Facebook. In terms of reach, the 3 posts translates to a reach of 924 and Impressions increased by 12.71% to 108.

Website Monthly Report

December was a quiet month for the website. In total, there were one published page and thirteen published posts.

Google Analytics recorded no traffic to the website in December 2020. Similar as November, the guess is the lack of keyword-rich content which does not help the search engine crawlers to evaluate the value of the website. In addition to that, any organic growth would normally take 3 to 6 months.

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress Plugin used by webmasters to help with the SEO quality of the site. It evaluates the SEO score as well as the readability score. In December 2020, a large majority (76.92%) of the posts fall in either the OK or Good SEO score.

YouTube Report –

In December 2020, Aldric Tinker Toyad YouTube channel had 58 subscribers. The last video was uploaded to the channel in March 2020.

The Channel has 20 playlists which is made up of videos created by Aldric or videos curated into those playlists. YouTube search was the highest source of traffic (75.4%). Suggested Videos contributed to 8.1% of the traffic in December. The YouTube browse features contributed to 7%.

In December 2020, the impressions click-through-rate (CTR) was 6.9%. From the 5,300+ impressions, 362 views were recorded. This contributed to a total watch time of 13.3 hours. While this watch time is a decline of 10%, the average duration increased by 13% to 1 minute 38 seconds.


December 2020 was a month with mixed results and low activities. At the same time, the timing may be off: the digital assets were not optimised to ride the wave brought by the festive seasons. Nonetheless, it does not mean that populating the digital assets with content should be neglected in December 2021.

Author: Aldric

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